Sarong & Pashmina Buckles



This unusual buckle is hand turned in sycamore and then individually textured in a combination of vibrant colours.

It is perfect to tie a sarong at either the waist or the neck making a lovely outfit or cover up for the beach or the poolside. 

The buckle can also be used with a pashmina to elegantly and simply keep it in place.

The decorated buckle is beautifully boxed in black or purple with a satin lining.


Sarong / Pashmina Buckle @ £ 10.50 + p&p. 


The boxed buckles in any of the 8 designs shown are available to purchase in the Online Shop 




* Due to the originality of each buckle the colour & design may vary slightly.*  


For instructions of How to Tie your Sarong/Pashmina please Click here



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