Artisan Jewellery Range

The Artisan Jewellery Range features unusual designs in vibrant colours. Each piece is individually created. There are 3 styles to choose from...the Squiggle....the Pendulum....and the Teardrop. The pendant/ earring sets have matching bangles.


The Crescent pendant...Wiggle & Stud earrings....are part of the new mix'n'match range and can be bought separately.


The boxed Swirl Set is sold with a choice of choker or chain included in the set for versatility and complements the Double Leaf bangle.


 Please click on each image to view the choice of colours available with current prices and access to the online shop for purchasing.  






 SWIRL CHOKER                      DOUBLE LEAF             WIGGLE EARRING                6mm STUD


* Due to the unique and original design of each piece of jewellery the colours may vary slightly.  All of this Artisan Jewellery Rangecan be purchased online. Please click here for details of where you can view the range or you can contact me directly to discuss your individual needs.*  




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